Adaptive Optics Real-time control system workshop, Durham, UK, 13-14th April 2011

The real-time control system (RTCS) is a crucial component for any astronomical adaptive optics (AO) system. The computational demands placed on the next generation RTCSs for future extremely large telescopes (ELTs) are enormous, and even current systems require skill to implement.

The main workshop goal is to gather international AO RTCS specialists in order to share and exchange experience regarding the design and implementation of these systems. Such shared experience can be used to improve the design of new and proposed AO systems, increasing their performance and usability. As such, the workshop is aimed at real-time control specialists, instrument scientists and adaptive optics engineers.  Although the workshop is focussed principally on astronomical AO, attendence of participants from non-astronomical areas is welcome and indeed encouraged to allow cross-discipline discussions to take place.

Presentations can be downloaded here:

Programme and abstracts can be found here and the workshop website here.