Delft Workshop:  High-performance Deformable Mirrors for Astronomy

The 21-22 of February 2013 was held a workshop on high-performance deformable mirror for Astronomy. The event took place in Delft in the Netherlands and was organised by the OPTICON Innovation Network.

The programme can be found here and the presentations can downloaded below.

High-performance Deformable Mirrors for Astronomy - Colin Cunningham
FP7-2 Overview - John Davies
Deformable Mirror requirements for & feedbacks from VLT & E-ELT - Norbert Hubin
Electromagnetic DM and control technology at TNO - Teun van den Dool
Developments of high-density piezoelectric DMs with hysteresis controlNoah Schwartz
Segmented deformable mirror for adaptive optics - Andre Preumont
Opticon –FP7-2, WP1 –Adaptive Optics Workplan for deformable mirrorsJean-Luc Beuzit
Deformable Mirrors in Solar PhysicsDirk Soltau
Deformable mirrors for wavefront tomographyTim Morris
Adaptica, Company Profile and Advanced TechnologiesTommaso Occhipinti
Research High resolution wavefront control with Photocontrolled deformable mirrorStefano Bonora
Concept of a 50K+ DM - Gleb Vdovin
Specifications and technology developments for next generation of High Order Deformable Mirrors at Cilas - Jean-Christophe Sinquin
Adaptive Optics Tip-Tilt Mirror developments at LESIA - Jean-Luc Beuzit
Contactless technology for large deformable mirrorsRoberto Biasi