Case Studies on Adaptive Optics

This page will be regularly updated with case studies of positive outcomes arising from the activities of the Adapative Optics community. Simply click on the link or the image to download a PDF of that case study.

M2 laser beam quality measurement


We are looking for more subject matter for a series of short case-studies on adaptive optics (AO) in action. We would like to know about your examples of AO components or methods which have brought real improvements in a system or product.

Ideally we would like examples of commercial systems or products which have been improved by AO methods or applications which have made the step from “research” to “development” and have at least a pathway to inclusion in a product. We realize that this may be asking too much too soon so we would be delighted to hear about any applications.

The resulting case studies will be short, about 500 words over 2 pages, and will include general information about the challenge or problem tackled and what kind of benefits AO has brought. The documents will be available to all sub-group members for download from _connect so obviously shouldn’t include any sensitive information. It is aimed at technically minded people, not necessarily AO specialists. The content should reflect that and also leave plenty of space for illustrations.

We’d like to make it easy for you to contribute. Specifics can be discussed during a quick telephone chat or via email. Please contact us and take this opportunity to participate and at the same time increase exposure for your products or solutions.

All the best,
AO sub-group coordinators