Increasing the Impact AO and Bringing People Together

Along with helpful articles and debates, we hope to see this sub-group provide a thriving support for the AO community, and a helpful resource for finding new contacts.

Please come and join to make this work through: post articles, comment on other people's articles, and add new ideas for the AO community... Benefits of Membership of the Adaptive Optics sub-group include:

  • Increased opportunity for interaction and collaboration with the academic and industrial AO community and for raising the profile of groups working in this field.
  • Access to information on relevant funding opportunities, collaborative R&D calls, technology exploitation opportunities and support in addressing these.
  • Benefit from the large and multi-cultural communities on this platform to bring-up new ideas.
  • Linking AO specialists with the AO technology end-users.
  • Bridging the gap between different fields of application of AO technology (e.g. astronomy, bio-medical imaging, free-space optics…) and providing new opportunities.
  • Many others...


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