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Postdocs at Porto/Lisbon

The profiles below (some of them related to OLBIN) are prioritary, but all applications will receive full consideration. More details are available at (

a) adaptive optics (PSF reconstruction and signal processing), integrated in the OPTICON/Adaptive Optics;
b) optical interferometry (image reconstruction and signal processing), integrated in the OPTICON/Interferometry;
c) photometric analysis algorithms E-ELT imaging data, with applications for the MICADO-like ELT-CAM.
d) astrophysical exploitation of GRAVITY

a) astronomical instrumentation and data processing;
b) astrostatistics/astroinformatics;
c) astrophysical exploitation of Gaia, namely in the fields of structure and evolution the Milky Way; star clusters and stellar variability;
d) visualisation of large data sets, specially aimed at Gaia data products.


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