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Enabling Innovation Team – Systems & Modelling Roundtable

Enabling Innovation Team – Systems & Modelling Roundtable

In conjuction with the rail industry Enabling Innovation Team's (EIT) Survey on mapping capabilities and markets for the rail sector – including heavy rail, metro, light rail and tram. The EIT are running a series of 4 roundtables over the course of the coming months. These roundtables will provide the opportunity for more in-depth discussions and formulation of route maps.

This is the third roundtable and the focus theme will be Systems and Modelling.

Benefits of participation

  • Contribute towards the further development of the UK rail innovation strategy and the prioritisation of future funding.
  • Ensure that your organisation’s capabilities are incorporated into the route map and EIT’s capability database
  • Stay informed about further initiatives and programmes from EIT to support the existing and potential UK rail industry supply chain.

To register your interest and take part in the survey please click here

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