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Digital Railway information and consortia-building day

On 25th March 2013 the Technology Strategy Board will open a £5million funding competition designed to encourage businesses with innovative Digital and ICT capabilities to use these to address specific rail industry challenges.

Click here to download the scope document.

Click here to view the draft agenda

Relevant capabilities include but aren’t limited to:

  • Manufacturing sensors and other monitoring equipment
  • Manipulating large volumes of data to turn into useful information
  • Specialising in the visualisation of information to facilitate interpretation, decision making and use of information
  • Specialising in creating and using digital models of the real world
  • Providing digital services, in particular secure handling and storage to ensure integrity and transaction management such as through acquisition or leasing of data
  • Enabling assets to communicate with each other – ‘ internet of things’
  • Finding new ways to generate value and secure returns through innovative business models
  • Providing or supporting platforms that promote the above.

Potential application themes include ....

  • Asset Management, monitoring and maintenance
  • Train, service, logistics and infrastructure operations
  • Vehicles systems integration
  • Cross-industry information sharing
  • Customer Services including e-commerce

Others will be suggested by the rail industry organisations involved in this programme.


The Transport Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) is supporting the competition and will be running a consortia-building and information day in Coventry on the 25th March.

Eventbrite - The Digital Railway - Digital capabilities for rail industry challenges

This is an essential networking event to support businesses and academia in understanding the scope of the competition, consortia building and engaging with the competition.  Delegates also have the opportunity to present a short "elevator pitch" of their organisational capabilities and outline what they are looking for from potential project partners.

The scope of the competition is available here but will be presented and described in full at this event; the rail sector will present relevant detailed information about the challenges it faces, at this event, and at a number of webinars that will run in the weeks before.

If you are interested in being a part of the exciting future in digital railway, this event is a must - it will help you formulate project ideas and facilitate finding suitable partners to build project consortia.


Eventbrite - The Digital Railway - Digital capabilities for rail industry challenges

We are also planning a number of webinars between now and the end of March, where senior rail representatives will outline some key industry opportunities.  Please join the Rail group to be informed of these as soon as they are arranged. 

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