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How safe will tomorrow's railway be?

The rail industry, through tools such as the Safety Risk Model (SRM), has a good understanding of safety risk associated with today’s railway.  This has been achieved through the comprehensive collection of safety related data via the Safety Management Information System (SMIS), which is then used for safety performance reporting and risk modelling. 


However, predominantly data-based models, whilst sufficient for understanding today’s levels of risk, are not predictive, and do not give any information on how the risk will change in the future.  Better predictive models of the future safety risk profile will enable the rail industry to be more proactive in its treatment of safety risk.

The workshop will aim to identify specific areas where the rail industry could fund further research and development and ultimately how to improve rail’s ability to predict future risks.  The scope of the day is likely to include, although not be limited to:

  • Use of predictive analytics and modelling techniques to understand emerging trends in safety data
  • Characterising uncertainty in future predictions and understanding how this affects safety decision making
  • Quantifying the effect of industry initiatives on future safety risk
  • Identifying and characterising the effect of changes originating from outside of the rail industry

A detailed programme of the workshop will be available soon.


More information on the event, who should attend and details of how to register can be found on the RRUKA website.

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10:00 – 17:30 (Time Zone Sensitive)
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Rail Research UK Association (RRUKA)

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University of York
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