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Joining this group on the Transport Knowledge Transfer network will enable you to identify those with whom you may wish to work, and gives you an easy mechanism to identify and partner with others to access funds.  But innovation and new ideas don't stop when funding is not on offer, and being a member of this group will ensure that you can stay at the forefront of what's happening.

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  • Join this group - we will disseminate new information and updates in the rail sector via this group first
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Competition Help

For more information on any of the Technology Strategy Board competitions, including any process queries, please contact the Technology Strategy Board hotline on 0300 321 4357 or email .

Download the Transport KTN's helpful hints and tips on the Technology Strategy Board's Collaborative R&D Funding process here.

View the KTN's guide to successful applications here.

Networking/Group Help

To find out more about building collaborations, finding business or research partners, and networking, please contact the Transport Knowledge Transfer Network

by email:

by phone: 01793 686277 or 07971 503377.

NB Please note that the KTN reserves the right NOT to grant blogger permissions to members if we believe that this permission will be abused, and to revoke these permissions with no warning or notice if they ARE abused. We also reserve the right to remove inappropriate, defamatory, lewd, unintelligible or offensive posts.