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London Underground webinar info available

Thank you to Kuldeep Gharatya and Simon Chung from London Underground - and our online delegates who provided some thought-provoking questions - for an excellent webinar on the challenge and opportunity areas for funding under the upcoming £5million collaborative R&D competition.

Resources available

The presentations from Friday's webinar featuring London Underground, and Thursday's Network Rail webinar are both available to download from the Digital Railways competition's public document library here or on our slideshare pages.  

Slide 8, which shows London Underground's £1billion upgrade plan, didn't come through to Kuldeep's presentation on Friday, however, if you watch his presentation on our slideshare page here (or via the iframe below), you will see it, as well as hear his description of this enormous opportunity.

The delegate list from both webinars are both available to download from the members' area here (please log in to view these).  Please note that as we get them, we will be uploading the elevator pitches for the consortia-building event on the 25th March to this area too.

Richard Kemp-Harper's Technology Strategy Board presentation is available for download from the document library or on Slideshare (audio to be added shortly) here.

The recording of the full webinar, which includes the live interactive Q&A with participants, is now available here.

Questions that were asked during the Q&A session
  • Kuldeep mentioned the remote condition monitoring activities already underway… could he expand on what’s been done and give some hints on more they would *like* to do please?
  • With Assest monitoring in mind - is it possible to provide a list of the types of assets? 
  • You mentioned technology such as augmented reality glasses but this relies on interacting with industry and apply standards to technology. Is it realistic that the rail industry and technology companies will be able to work together to produce "whole journey" information?
  • Do you have a spatial database of your assets?
  • Please can you provide information on how the consortium building will work, and whether LU /TfL expect to be part of that process
  • Would you welcome dynamic navigation services (on smartphone?)  to enable passengers  to optimise connections and available seating?  Are you keen to integrate with surface SatNav for whole journey management in real time?
  • How much influence do you see TfL making on the demand for transport systems, perhaps in real-time in the future ? For instance, can you imagine TfL influencing when and where people choose to travel ?
  • will hardware solutions from 'non-rail' industry suppliers need to have full eg EN50155 certification prior to deployment on pilot schemes ?
Post your requests to this group

Incidentally, did you know that you can post your own articles to this articles section if you are seeking consortia partners for the competition?  Philip Campbell has already done this - he has set access permissions so only people logged into this group can see his post, so if you didn't see it yet, log in, and click here.   


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