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ERRAC Open Workshop - FP7 6th call - Brussels

To be held at UNIFE, Brussels on 4th July 2012 from 10.30 – 15.00.  Conference call participation will be made available.


ERRAC pre-consortium open meeting for the topic of the FP7 6th Call that merged two ERRAC topic priorities: "Development of train control systems increasing the capacity of urban rail systems, through standardised interfaces in an open and modular architecture" and "ERTMS Long-term evolution", which UNIFE proposes to co-ordinate. The proposal is in response to the following merged topic present in the draft of the EC FP7 Transport 2013 work programme:

SST.2013.2-1. Next generation of train control systems in the domain of urban and main line European railway systems Level 2 - CP - Call: FP7-SST-2013-RTD-1


Content and scope: 

The research focuses on the next generations of train control systems for the two domains of urban and main line European railway systems. The goal of the project is to deliver specifications describing the new features of these next generations, leading to common technical architecture and associated standard interfaces within each of the two domains.


Agenda Includes:

  • Welcome from ERRAC
  • Review of the ERRAC priorities merged into the FP7 6th call draft topic "Next generation of train control systems in the domain of urban and main line European systems"
  • Proposal of coordination by UNIFE with presentation
  • Round table of interest received and presentations of interested organisation
  • Conclusion and next steps

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