About this group

The value in this group lies in its members - the best and most forward-thinking of individuals, groups and companies, working beyond boundaries with research and academia, to come up with some new thinking and different approaches to the challenges in the rail sector.

There are so many opportunities for those who are willing to investigate, engage and share, which will provide not only new markets and growth, but long term  benefit to the travel and transport system in the UK.

By joining this group you show your interest not only in the rail competition, but also in being part of the ongoing and vital process of bringing innovative technologies, tools, techniques, processes, materials and approaches to everyday use within the rail industry.

This group is made up of the members, with the assistance of the Transport KTN and the _connect website.  


Regardless of where you are located in the world, you are welcome to join this group, however do please be aware that most - if not all - the R&D and other competitions that we promote are generally geared towards UK applicants.  If other project partners would like you to be involved with a project, be aware that non-UK and non-EU (where relevant) orgnisations may be eligible to participate in these projects but are unlikely to receive direct funding.



  • interested in making a difference in the rail industry,
  • interested in making money from or creating jobs in the rail industry,
  • who can provide expert advice and guidance to and from the rail industry,
  • who is already working in the rail industry,
  • who wants to work in or with the rail industry,
  • who wants to supply the rail industry,
  • who wants to see and create better integration between the rail industry and other transport and travel modes....

can and should join this group.

We can provide assistance with running events, helping you network, get a better understanding of issues and opportunities where you may have an application or technology and create business opportunities.

You can post comments and articles and use the group to bring to people's attention interesting news and opinions, seeking input and ideas.

We can help disseminate this.

We will run and participate in events and communication activities to help bring together as wide and diverse an audience as possible, to bring new perception to old and new problems and encourage innovative ideas and applications to bloom.