NPL - Industrial Advisory Group on Thermoelectric materials - 23 Sep 11



Dear Colleagues


I would like to make you aware of our Industrial Advisory Group  (IAG) meeting on Friday 23rd September 2011.


The nanomaterials group at NPL works in partnership with industry to develop novel and improved measurement methods for materials metrology and to promote good measurement practice. Our research area focuses on electrical and thermal transport at the nanoscale and this year IAG will focus  more specifically onthermoelectric materials



Attendance of the IAG offers you a chance to impact upon the direction of our research  program so that it meets your needs and those of your industry colleagues. If you are interested to participate, thank you to contact me by email 


 I look forward to hearing from you.


Dr Alexandre Cuenat

A new blog to follow NPL Energy harvesting research

NPL is involved in a new European project on Energy Harvesting (EH) that addresses the challenges involved in developing traceable measurements and standards, particularly related to vibrational and thermal energy harvesting. This will provide Europe with the metrological framework, technical capability, and scientific knowledge to enable the development of effective and commercially successful energy harvesting technologies.

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TSB "materials for energy call"

Dear all


with the recently published TSB call on "Materials for energy "" "

we are looking to put together a bid around development of more efficient thermoelectric materials and  modules and their characterisation.


If you are interested, please do contact me directly at


Best regards



Dr Alexandre Cuenat
Nanomaterials metrology

Material Division
National Physical Laboratory
Hampton Road, Teddington
Middlesex, UK TW11 0LW

tel.: +44 (0)208 943 8627
fax.: +44 (0)208 943 2989

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