The next generation of aircraft will require radically different shapes and airframe technologies to unlock the performance, cost and weight improvements the market is demanding:

  • Improved build tolerances and new joining technologies to enable achievement of the full benefits of aerodynamic improvements
  • New aircraft configurations will demand sophisticated structural concepts with a high level of integration and functionality
    • Moving from structural concepts developed in metal and adapted for composites to tailored structures that place each fibre of the carbon material exactly where it is needed to optimise properties. This will lead to further step changes in weight reduction and fuel burn
  • New materials and manufacturing processes that do not exist today.
    • Nanotechnology including carbon nanotubes, graphene and other new materials need to be developed from promising laboratory experiments to deliver real products that will be the foundation of a new materials-led industry sector
    • Green manufacturing technologies to be developed include out-of-autoclave technologies such as microwave curing that will dramatically reduce energy usage and improve UK competitiveness
  • Advanced high-rate airframe manufacturing systems that optimise and integrate all the individual specialities together
    • Market projections for the next generation single aisle sector indicate world-wide demand of up to one hundred aircraft per month, requiring production rates for complex new technology aircraft parts well in excess of rates seen today. UK suppliers will be an integral part of global supply chains and manufacturing systems. New manufacturing technologies will be needed to integrate with supply chain management and parts logistics technologies that can locate any component part in any part of the worldwide manufacturing supply chain at any time of the day or night

Initial Project Themes:

  • UK future wing design and manufacture to integrate new product concepts and enabling technologies
  • Integrated and multifunctional structural technologies to produce de-risking demonstrators
  • Environmentally efficient manufacturing technologies to industrialise new manufacturing capability for the UK
  • Integrated manufacturing and supply systems to link all enabling technologies and supply chains in the UK

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