We are a part of the MBEKTN network and our mission is to increase the exploitation of innovation in the built environment for demonstrated business benefit.

This group is focused on the Energy & Carbon Efficiency - a topic which is at the heart of the zero carbon agenda, driven by the need to reduce carbon emissions as well as energy bills and the continued reliance of overseas energy supply. The challenge is often to use the right products in the most appropriate way with flexibility of energy supply depending on local resources.

Our objectives are to encompasses design, build and ongoing management of man-made surroundings, such as large civic spaces, infrastructure, and personal space. It engages with different aspects of the supply chain, including architects, contractors, product suppliers, planners, academic and research groups.

Benefits of Membership - membership of the MBE KTN is free to all, the benefits include the following:

  • invitations to a range of workshops and events
  • participation in discussion forums to influence agenda and future activities
  • access to key research capabilities in the UK
  • access to new technologies and potential business partners
  • monthly newsletter with the latest industry news
  • opportunities to get involved in special interest groups
  • interactive web portal that provides the ability to network with other members and gives access to relevant knowledge