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These are independent groups set up by _connect members, they are a point of discussion for any area of interest.

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Sustainable Regeneration - from Evidence-based Urban Futures to Implementation

Establishing alternative future scenarios, and testing the sustainability impact of today's urban regeneration decisions.

Natural Capital and Eco-system Services

Linking up academics in the ecosystem services area with businesses interested in understanding their dependencies on environmental goods and services.

MiniBar App Developers

Join this group to be part of the £7000 IC tomorrow App developer competition and produce the next revolutionary music or video app.

Regulatory Evidence Network

Providing evidence for better environmental governance and regulatory reform


Electronics Software Technology Network in Wales

Energy Networked KTP

The EGS KTN and the MEC are working together to grow the number of KTPs in the energy sector through a new scheme called Energy Networked KTP.

Biomimetics Network of Excellence

Learning from nature, we create new technology by connecting and promoting collaboration between main research groups working in biomimetics.

Design & Decision Tools

Design tools – leading edge tools for carbon efficiency

Future energy systems

Energy systems is a growing area for innovation across sectors including energy, transport, digital, and built environment communities. This is the place where you can meet like minded people who want to innovate in this space.

Composites in the car industry

There are high hopes with regard to the use of composites in the auto industry - which is still the single largest industry in the world today (the car being the biggest single consumer purchase/expense for most people).

Future Fibres Innovations

An innovation centre dedicated to developing new and innovative products for a broad spectrum of industry. Has a history of inventing new composite cables and revolutionary termination systems, for marine, motor sport, and construction industry.

Environmental Science Society - (ESS) Offices of Science and Technology

ESS is a local and regional research body and environmental council for interdisciplinary research. With a growing international professional network, the council can provide technical assistance for social, political and environmental agendas.


Where Innovation Happens

Group for Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs), Devolved Administrations and others with an interest in where innovation happens to access TSB investment data and to discuss the geographic dimensions of innovation.

N8IIF: Strategic Collaboration Opportunities in Industrial Biotechnology

To identify 2 or 3 exciting big strategic ideas for multi-partner collaboration in Industrial biotechnology and have a clear set of next steps and a willing leader. Also identify smaller ideas and highlight potential connections and funding opportuni

European Research Infrastructure

The group aims to share information regarding European research infrastructures such us events, funding opportunities and contacts

Creating Trustworthiness Online

Exploring the issues related to establishing trustworthiness between parties in an online B2B trading environment.


New platforms, disintermediation and fragmentation of markets all present challenges in building relationships with users and capturing value. But there are also opportunities including digital currency and ‘frictionless’ licensing & commerce.

Science Capital

Science Capital is a not-for-profit networking organisation that brings scientists and engineers together with business, investment and policy experts. We provide events that bridge the academic-business divide and foster understanding and partners

N8IIF: Strategic Collaborations Opportunities in Industrial Biotechnology

The Industry Innovation Forum is an initiative between the N8 Research Partnership, the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and the Technology Strategy Board to connect leading businesses with research intensive universities.


This group no longer exists.

Delivering a low carbon Britain through hydrogen and fuel cells: opportunities for local government

The Group aims to showcase the potential of hydrogen and fuel cells in the transition into a low carbon economy and the associated opportunities for local authorities.

Destination Local demonstrators

This is a _Connect group for those interested in or applying to Technology Strategy Board's Destination Local demonstrators competition.

Sensors and Signal Processing

The transformation of sensor data into useful information often requires many in-between steps. This group is designed to create a platform for discussions and advances in on or off sensor processing methods.


BIOCATNET is the new BBSRC NIBB dedicated to discovery, development and scalable production of biocatalysts for the whole IB community.

Patent Advice Forum

To help entrepreneurs access relevant advice on how to protect their ideas, innovations and inventions.

Patent Advice Portal

To help entrepreneurs access relevant advice on how to protect their ideas, innovations and inventions.

Re-imagining the High Street 2014

TSB has launched a competition on how to bring footfall and vitality to Britain's high streets. Each bid can have one "Prime Supplier" with named sub-contractors. The aim of this group is to enable interested partied to connect. Deadline 26.2.2014

Open Data Tools

A group for venders for Open Data Tools Technology Strategy Board procurement

Martin Stower

For testing various Liferay manipulations on _connect.


SOURCE is currently at the idea & networking stage. The idea is to create a roll out model/building with a completely self sustaining and Eco friendly nature which tackles all of society's most challenging issues head on whilst finding real solutions


Smart Systems Integration (SSI) is a a key enabling technology in many sectors - it provides the automation and intelligence within today's products. The EU funded project "EXPRESS" is focussed on the development of the ecosystem for SSI.

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